Kubota’s New Engine Packs Compact Power for the Turf Industry and High-Altitude Applications

Kubota’s newest engine, the D902-T-E4, proves it’s possible to pack a lot of power into a compact premium package. The D902-T-E4 will make its debut October 17-19 in booth #2084 at the 2018 Green Industry and Equipment Expo (GIE) in Louisville, Kentucky, allowing expo attendees the first look at Kubota’s newest offering.

The D902-T-E4 is far lighter and more compact than comparable engines, offering an output of 18.5 kW at 2800 rpm and a maximum torque of 72.2 Nm at 2400 rpm. This light-weight, high-torque engine is designed for use in the turf industry as well as applications including utility vehicles, mini excavators, mini-track loaders, trenchers and welders. The high torque with the lower RPM produces minimal noise, making it an ideal option for the turf industry.

The addition of a turbo-charger makes it a versatile and powerful engine especially useful for applications at high altitudes.

The D902-T-E4 has the same engine footprint as its counterpart, the naturally aspirated D902-E4 mechanical engine. Like the D902-E4, the D902-T-E4 also has a mechanical fuel injection system, so it fits right into its family of Kubota Super Minis.

“The new D902-T-E4 engine has the same engine footprint as the D902-E4, allowing for easy machine integration,” said Chris Mottla, Kubota Regional Sales Manager. “It does not require an after-treatment device such as a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), because it falls below the 19 kW threshold to meet Tier 4 Final emission regulations.” 

The engine complies with U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V.

Kubota will also introduce the V1505-CR-T engine to the U.S. market at GIE. The V1505-CR-T, which was unveiled at the INTERMAT show in Paris earlier this year, is a vertical, water-cooled 4-cylinder, turbo-charged diesel engine. It can achieve a rated output of 33.0 kW at a speed of 3000 rpm with a maximum torque of 118.5 Nm at 2000 rpm.

Kubota is one of the first companies to offer both diesel and spark ignited counterpart engines. The spark ignited counterpart engines to the D902-T-E4 and V1505-CR-T models – the WG972 and WG1605 models – will also be on display at GIE.

For more information, visit booth #2084 or

Kubota Introduces New Line of Engines for Oil & Gas Industries

Lincolnshire, Illinois – Kubota Engine America Corp. has announced the highly anticipated release of its WG1605, WG2503 and WG3800 family of spark ignited engines to the oil and gas industry.

“CK Power Products has been selling natural gas engines into the oilfield for over 30 years,” said John Costello, CEO of CK Power Products, a leading manufacturer of power units and power generation solutions for a variety of markets including oil and gas. “I have never been as excited about the release of a new natural gas engine as I am about the new Kubota line. I sincerely believe this product line is going to be a game changer for the market and our customers, compared to what they have been currently using.”

This versatile and powerful family of Kubota natural gas engines share many of the same components found in their venerable, heavy-duty diesel counterparts and are now approved and warranted for wellhead gas operations, such as pump jacks, compressors, and vapor recovery units. Known for their extreme durability, the new line was designed to endure harsh environments found in oil and gas fields.

Compared to today’s common automotive-based designs, the Kubota engines will provide a much longer life cycle and offer many other benefits and program features for customers searching for a reliable solution in the improving oil & gas market.

Some of these features include:

·         Dual Fuel Capability:  Runs on natural gas or propane as fuel source

·         Front gear train with heavy-duty value timing control

·         Premium engine valves with robust cast iron cylinder head

·         Engine block and components based on diesel model counterpart and footprint

·         State-of-the-art ignition systems

·         State-of-the-art fuel systems with water-resistant electrical connectors

·         Knock sensors detect detonation, include coil-on-plug ignition

·         Electronic control unit (ECU) can be programmed on site

“The benefit of the programmable ECU would allow the operator to relocate the engine to another jobsite,” said Philip Juneau, Kubota regional sales manager. “The purpose of the knock sensor is to protect the engine from damage that can be caused from detonation. The coil-on-plugs eliminates the need for spark plug wires, which generally require more frequent service replacement.”

Kubota’s warranty covers the WG1605, WG2503 and WG3800 for two years or 2,000 hours on all wellhead applications. The warranty is backed by an excellent service network of Kubota distributors and dealers throughout North America. These engines are U.S. EPA/CARB Phase 3 certified.

For more information, visit our Spark Ignited Series page.

Kubota Engine America Introduces 1,000-Hour Oil Change Interval for select engines

Lincolnshire, Illinois – Kubota has announced an industry leading 1,000-hour oil change interval for its D1005-E4BG and D1105-E4BG – 1800 rpm engines for light tower applications. The solution answers light tower customers’ needs of reducing their total cost of ownership through fewer maintenance costs. The D1105-E4BG engine will be one of the items on display by Kubota at The Rental Show in New Orleans, Feb. 19 – 21, 2018, at booth #4323.

Through years of experience as the leading engine supplier for light tower applications, Kubota has determined that its select engine models could operate efficiently beyond the existing 750-hour interval limit without any changes to the engine design.

Conditions will apply, including use of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and API CK-4 grade oil, as well as load and duty cycle limits. For full details of the necessary conditions for approval, please contact Kubota Engine America. 

The 1,000-hour oil change interval will be supported by Kubota's Standard Engine Warranty as long as the recommended engine service maintenance has been performed.

Kubota will also display its new Z482-E4BG engine, which was specifically designed for LED light towers, as well as the Lowboy Pro GL14000 generator at The Rental Show.

The Tier 4 certified and Stage V ready Z482-E4BG engine is the only two cylinder, water cooled diesel engine in its size class to perform at 1800 rpm.  Delivering 3.8 kW of continuous output and 4.2 kW of stand-by output, it provides consistent performance with low maintenance – even with the lighter power draw of LED lighting. Weighing in at just 172 pounds, the compact Z482-E4BG rides on virtually any trailer and provides best-in-class durability. Kubota also offers the engine in a 1500 rpm option, providing 3.3 kW of continuous power and 3.6 kW of stand-by output. 

“It is well suited to provide power for LED light towers reducing the risk of wet stacking and allowing for long term reliability,” says Zach Turner, President of Anderson Industrial Engines.

The LowboyPro GL14000 is a 60Hz, 14 kVA single-phase generator that is Tier 4 certified. It is powered by Kubota’s reliable D902 diesel engine and is much quieter than similar generators, with noise levels as low as 65 dB while running. 

Like Kubota’s existing generators, the LowboyPro GL14000 is fully enclosed and compact. These features allow the GL14000 to reduce noise and lessen environmental factors, increasing the running life of the generator. It also houses the receptacle and terminal in one package, offering more flexibility and versatility for use. The generator’s high-quality alternator is triple-sealed during production and coated in corrosion-resistant paint. 

Kubota Engine America eyes Latin America, expanding its distributor network in more than 20 different countries

Lincolnshire, IL Kubota Engine America is increasing its footprint in Latin America by collaborating with key partners, already adding 24 distributors in more than 20 different countries to its growing network. Kubota’s growth is fueled by its dedicated Latin America development team that has spent the last two years identifying the best distributors to address local needs and strategically planning to bring and support Kubota’s reliable Japanese technology to more people.

Kubota Latin America sales manager Greg Reaves says this is just the beginning. “Kubota is now the closest and highest quality option for many Latin American rental fleets and other compact equipment users who need us most. Kubota engines, parts and generators are crucial in helping an increasing number of developing communities build better infrastructure, civilization and culture. As the heart of most compact equipment, Kubota diesel power provides an industry best cost- benefit to the end user and the most reliable solution for OEMs,” he said.

While Kubota previously had distributors in Latin America, expanding its network will improve response time, strengthen personal relationships and eliminate language barriers.  As the world’s most reliable engine manufacturer, Kubota is the only one in Latin America to offer high quality products backed by local support. Some countries already benefitting include Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia.

“We can now provide service in-person, with Kubota trained eyes diagnosing or repairing products, and increase training opportunities for distributors and their local customers. Our support will reduce downtime and ultimately save communities important time, money and resources,” Reaves said. “Instead of relying on companies overseas, Kubota is closer than ever.”

Kubota has added both engine and generator distributors to its network and will soon have a distributor locator online. 

For more information please visit our Kubota Distributor page.

Kubota Engine America Opens State-of-the-Art Technical Training Center

Lincolnshire, IL Kubota Engine America Corp. is expanding educational opportunities for its growing distribution network, unveiling a brand-new technical training center at its Lincolnshire headquarters outside of Chicago. Construction on the facility with 3,400 square-feet of classrooms and a 1,500 square-foot lab area was recently finished to welcome its inaugural group of distributor technicians who came for a hands-on, common rail system SCR course taught by Kubota’s designated training team. They were first to experience the center’s three full classrooms and interactive lab area with running engine stations.

“At Kubota, we saw a need to design a dedicated team and advanced space to make sure we are able to focus on training without fail,” said Tom Amundsen, senior technical training engineer at Kubota. “The industry is evolving. Upgrades in technology require service technicians to place training and adapting as top priority, in order to meet these challenges. Now the new facility and improved curriculum allow us to create a rich learning experience with real-life application for our students.”

Scott Wiedenhoeft, vice president of Engine Power Inc., was a member of the first training group. He said his distributor technicians had been asking for more hands-on training and jumped at the chance to have instructors walk them through different diagnostic tools and problem solving methods. “All of this is possible at the new center,” he said. “Our course was the perfect blend of instructor presentations and interactive exercises that took us through a variety of activities. It helped build confidence in our technicians by giving them the ability to work on Kubota machines and be guided by experts on-site.”

The added resources will allow Kubota to provide a consistent level of training all the way down through its network, both via e-learning training (ELT) courses and instructor led training (ILT) opportunities. “Good service sells engines. Kubota has a very strong service network worldwide and this will only improve that,” said Wiedenhoeft. Most classes will be one to three days with additional online education required in advance, and primarily available to Kubota’s distributors and dealers through a prescribed set of learner paths. Non-dealer options will be available mainly by request. “We appreciate all of the investment and focus Kubota has put into training. They have been moving fast, adding knowledgeable people to the training team and increasing available content in the system,” he said.

Course topics range from compression ignited engines equipped with common rail, DPF after treatments and SCR systems, to spark ignited engines and legacy mechanically controlled engines. Each course is designed to help students understand Kubota products and engines to use them more effectively and efficiently. Amundsen believes this is a crucial part of being a global brand, known for manufacturing leading compact, industrial-based diesel and gasoline/multi-fuel engines. “It’s our responsibility to provide superior training for our customers and distributors. The more we train and the more feedback we receive, the more we can continually improve,” said Amundsen. “Great Kubota service starts with great Kubota training, and we really feel like that is the truth.”

For more information please visit the Kubota Engine Academy page.

Kubota unveiling its first-ever diesel engine above 100HP, ready for Stage V regulations

Lincolnshire, IL The world’s leading engine manufacturer of compact diesel engines below 100HP is unveiling a groundbreaking product at this year’s CONEXPO show in Las Vegas. For the first time, Kubota is expanding its diesel lineup to include engines up to the 200HP class. The first model in its new Kubota 09 Series is the 5-liter V5009, scheduled to be on display exclusively for media and show attendees inside booth #S84912.

Kubota has spent years proactively developing engine solutions to meet the latest emission regulations in the United States, Europe and Japan. With looming Stage V requirements set to hit Europe beginning in 2019 or 2020, Kubota is now excited to be one of the leading manufacturers to announce Stage V ready diesel engines. While mass production of the V5009 will not begin until 2020, Kubota plans to have all engineering and supply work completed ahead of the upcoming emissions standards.

Kubota’s compact, 4-cylinder V5009 will be Tier4 Final and EU Stage V ready, with an output of 157.3 kW and after treatment devices including a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). Like all Kubota engines known for high performance and reliability, the V5009 is no exception. It is designed to optimize combustion for high outputs and has top rated fuel consumption efficiency compared to other competing engines in the same power range.  It will also feature a variety of power take off options for different accessories such as hydraulic pumps.

By unveiling its first solution to impending EU Stage V regulations and enhancing its diesel lineup to include the Kubota 09 Series, ultimately expanding offerings from 100HP to 200HP, Kubota continues to prove itself as an innovative, reliable answer.

To get an exclusive look at the Kubota 09 Series’ V5009, stop by booth #S84912 at CONEXPO. 

For more information, visit: Kubota, The Answer

Kubota Engine America Approves 750 Hour Oil Change Interval

Lincolnshire, IL – Kubota Engine America Corp. has approved a 750 hour oil change interval for all of its engines used in light tower applications with typical load and duty cycles. The 750 hour oilinterval approval applies to the following engine models:

·D1005-E4BG: 8.7 kW @ 1800 RPM

·D1105-E4BG: 10.1 kW @ 1800 RPM 

Kubota updated its intervals in an effort to help its light tower customers reduce operating expenses.  Furthermore, after carefully reviewing test results from supplied application conditions, endurance testing and oil quality testing. Based on its in-depth oil analysis, Kubota found its engines are capable of reliably operating under the new interval, and approved the 750-hour oil and filter change. 

The increased oil and filter change interval is supported by Kubota’s Engine Warranty, as long as the engine has undergone proper maintenance and has supporting documentation. 

For more information please visit our 05 Series page.

Kubota Engine America Unveiling Expanded Offerings for the Power Generation Market

Lincolnshire, IL – Kubota Engine America Corp. is introducing a new generator to better serve the power generation market, its wide range of industries and its diverse applications. Kubota plans to display the GL14000 at The Rental Show in Orlando, Fla. Feb. 26 – March 1, 2017, at booth #4704. 

The GL14000 is a 60Hz, 14 kVA single phase generator that is Tier 4 certified. It is powered by Kubota’s reliable D902 diesel engine and is much quieter than anything similar on the market, with noise levels as low as 65 dB while running. 

“The GL14000 complements our existing Lowboy II line of generators, but offers greater application potential to suit our customers’ industrial needs,” says Kubota’s generator expert Gary Odden. “At Kubota, we saw increasing demand for diesel power generators in the 14 KVA range that can serve industries such as construction, oil and gas, and back-up power. The GL14000’s higher outputs allow us to give them greater power capability.”

Like Kubota’s existing generators, the LowboyPro line’s GL14000 is fully enclosed and compact, unlike most competitors that offer only open units. These features allow the GL14000 to reduce noise while keeping out environmental factors, to improve the running life of the generator. It also has both the receptacle and terminal in one package, offering more flexibility and versatility for use. It also includes a higher quality alternator that is triple sealed during production and uses corrosion resistant paint.  

“We’re very excited to soon be able to offer our customers more unmatched, reliable options,” Odden says. “The GL14000 is unique in that it is compact and fully enclosed, while still carrying the renowned Kubota quality and unrivaled dependability our customers have come to expect. The long-lasting alternator, higher outputs and other focused upgrades will only help us serve them more.”

The GL14000 will be on display at The Rental Show and will hit the market at the beginning of the second quarter this year.

For more information please visit our GL Series page.

Kubota Engine America and SmartEquip Partnering to Provide Superior Service for Rental Fleets

Lincolnshire, Illinois – Kubota Engine America Corp. is unveiling plans to join the SmartEquip Network utilized by a majority of fleets in the rental market. Company leadership is announcing the partnership at The 60th Anniversary ARA Rental Show in Atlanta, Feb. 21-24, 2016, at booth #4065. The new platform will allow KEA to improve parts and service support efficiency for rental companies, fleet owners, dealers and distributors.

SmartEquip is an advanced program that acts as an online portal for large rental agencies, merging technical support data, parts information and ordering services into one location. “The software makes it easy for rental agencies to place orders for high quality Kubota products, without the hassle of finding and contacting a parts supplier,” says Kevin Keyes, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Kubota Engine America. “Using the SmartEquip Network is easier, smarter and faster, and it will ultimately allow us to better serve customers who are looking for our unmatched reliability.”

The expanding network serves as a single source for most of the rental equipment industry, connecting more than 40,000 users with more than 160 brands of equipment. Ron Piccolo, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SmartEquip says, “SmartEquip is proud to welcome Kubota Engine America to our growing list of OEM partners. The complexity of today’s engines makes our partnership even more important because we link the fleet owner to the manufacturer to insure the repair process is accurate and efficient.”

“Our partnership will not only minimize downtime for end users, but will also decrease maintenance costs for rental companies because we can protect our engines,” adds Kubota Engine America President Tomokazu Matsushita. He says while the economy is uncertain, he sees a lot of growth potential in the rental market. “For our industry, more people than ever before are using rental companies instead of purchasing. So improving our relationships with them through SmartEquip is vital.”

KEA leaders will officially launch SmartEquip in April of this year and plan to offer both regular and emergency ordering options for rental agencies. To learn more about Kubota Engine America, stop by booth #4065 at The Rental Show or visit

For information about the SmartEquip Network:

Kubota Engine America Unveils First Full Lineup of Spark Ignited Gasoline Engines

Lincolnshire, Illinois – Kubota Engine America Corp. is now offering a full lineup of Spark Ignited gaseous engines, available in gasoline, propane, natural gas or dual fuel options for manufacturers of construction and industrial equipment. The WG 3800 is the newest member of the WG series, now 0.74L to 3.8L and including five models, the WG752, WG972, WG1605, WG2503 and WG3800. Outputs range from 23.5 to 97.9 horsepower. The full line will be on display at The Rental Show in Atlanta, Feb. 21-24, 2016, at booth #4065.

The Spark Ignited WG series is unique in that it is mirrored after Kubota’s Compression Ignited diesel line. As a result, all gasoline engines are industrial based, rather than automotive based like much of the market, and can be used wherever their equivalent diesel engines are used today. The industrial diesel based engine design allows the Spark Ignited WG line to have similar levels of power and torque, compared to its diesel counterpart. “Because our Spark Ignited engines are made using the same major diesel engine components, they inherit the proven robustness of the diesel engine range. Kubota Spark Ignited engines utilize heavy-duty drive gears, whereas automotive based competitors use rubber drive belts. If these rubber belts are exposed to extreme conditions or not serviced correctly, they may break causing potentially catastrophic engine failure,” says Kubota Engine America Strategic Business Development Manager Rob Shailes.

With the complete WG line, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) now have the option to utilize either fuel type, diesel or gasoline, without significantly re-engineering the installation envelope. “Kubota is the only company now offering a full range of complimentary Compression Ignited/Spark Ignited engines below 100 horsepower. The lines maintain interface and major service points, easing installation and familiarity for technicians. The options are important with expected Tier 5 diesel emission requirements on the horizon in the United States,” Shailes says.

As emission standards for industrial diesel engines become more stringent, the Spark Ignited engines are not subjected to Tier 4 or anticipated Tier 5 requirements. Kubota’s full WG line serves as a cost-efficient alternative and promotes company growth in market segments that have shown interest such as aerial work platforms, material handling, airport ground support equipment and air compressors. Kubota Canada Sales and Marketing Manager JP Ouellette says, “As gasoline prices decline, these Spark Ignited engines save money, while maintaining reliability and durability for our customers. This solution proves Kubota continues to be the industry leader, providing the most diverse fuel options and the greatest multitude of emissions certifications, for an increasing variety of industries.”

To get an exclusive look at the complete Spark Ignited WG series, stop by booth #4065 at The Rental Show.

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