Privacy Policy

In some cases, the Web site requires users to input personal information such as name, address, mail address, and telephone number for a specified form or requires a selection of such information. Personal information may be shared or provided for product and/or service-related operations in which Kubota Engine America or any of its affiliates is involved. Kubota Engine America will not use or share your personal information, if requested to do so. Contact Kubota Engine America via the appropriate page on the Web site in order to confirm, correct, or delete your personal information. Kubota Engine America may disclose personal information to third parties under the following conditions:
1.You have agreed to such disclosure.
2.Services and products offered on the Web site are subcontracted or represented by a third party.
3.When appropriate for any of our affiliates, agencies, or dealers to respond to inquiries from users.
4.As required by a court or laws and regulations.

The Web site uses cookies for efficient operation. You can set your browser to refuse to accept cookies; however, this disables the "Personalize" feature and could impose other constraints on visitors to the Web site.

Links to the Website

You can link any website to the Web site, if you inform Kubota Engine America of the URL of the linked website and the name of the contact person. In addition, you must agree to the following:
1.In no event will Kubota Engine America be liable for loss or damage incurred by linking to the Web site.
2.Kubota Engine America assumes neither the responsibility nor the obligation for the link to the Web site. Linking to the Web site does not indicate the grant of any rights from Kubota Engine America.
3.The URL and contents of the Web site may be changed or deleted without prior notice. Notification of changes or deletion of the contents will not be provided.
4.No cross-links will be made.
5.Please make sure that the Web site is presented in a way that permits a third party to clearly understand that the Web site content belongs to Kubota, e.g., the Web site should not appear within a frame of another website.
6.Please do not use our logo without permission.
7.Links from websites containing the following will be denied. The Web site will also not be referenced in emails:

* Content that is illegal or violates the standards of public order and decency (inducement to criminal, illegal, or antisocial activities; including expressions of discrimination)

* Adult content

* Content deemed offensive to Kubota Engine America, any of its affiliates, or any third party