KUBOTA’s Cleaning Advantage

KUBOTA certified cleaning process

KUBOTA’s cleaning method follows strict guidelines to insure each DPF meets our full certification standards. Each DPF is cleaned following a detailed multi-step inspection, pneumatic cleaning, testing, air-flow check and deep thermal cleaning using state-of-the-art equipment.

Dual cleaning for every DPF

Some facilities only use high pressure air to clean DPF’s. The KUBOTA certified cleaning process incorporates both pneumatic cleaning and follows it up with an additional high-temperature bake in a specialized kiln. This extra level of deep cleaning provides maximum cleaning and best conditions for longer DPF life cycle. Some cleaning services may not have this capability or may charge extra for it.

Internal imaging equipment

The specialized equipment at Kubota can look deep inside the tiny DPF cells to perform detailed inspection that the naked eye cannot. We use this specialized equipment to further our certification standards of a clean and usable DPF.

Returnable shipping box

We ship each kit using a specially designed “returnable” box made exclusively for KUBOTA DPF’s. Our unique box protects the valuable contents and makes returning your old DPF a no-hassle experience. Easy to follow instructions make your return process a no-hassle experience.

Certificate from Kubota

Each DPF is professionally cleaned and certified by the KUBOTA team. A Certificate is issued with each filter to demonstrate that we are absolutely confident in the level of cleaning for each DPF.

Reconditioning and ready use

The KUBOTA cleaned DPF is ready to be installed on the engine right out of the box. All gasket flange surfaces are cleaned and fully prepared and ready for installation. Most DPF’s get a fresh coat of high temperature paint as part of the final quality inspection process.